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Back Up Pharmacy Services LTC

Are you a long term care pharmacy looking for a solution to your after hours calls? OCPS is the pioneer in pharmacy back up services.  We provide professional, licensed pharmacists specifically trained in your pharmacy operations to handle all aspects of your after hours call duties. No more pagers! No more phone calls! Concentrate on [...]

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On Call Pharmacist Services expand to Florida and South Carolina LTC pharmacies

On Call Pharmacy Solutions is expanding it’s services to the Florida and South Carolina long-term care pharmacy markets!  Are you an employee or owner of a long-term care pharmacy in sunny Florida or South Carolina looking for after hours relief from nightly and weekend phone calls? OCPS can help!  Our experience pharmacist staff is trained [...]

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Nurse as Agent LTC Pharmacy / On Call Pharmacists can help

Changes over the last year have helped to clarify and expand the role of nurses as agents of physicians in the long-term care setting.  These new rules were developed to clarify long standing pharmacy / nursing practices and to expedite the delivery of vital controlled substance medications to patients in the long-term care settings.  But [...]

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Outsourcing is not a bad word!

Outsource your pharmacy phone calls to our on-call pharmacists!  Wipikedia defines outsourcing as the contracting out of a business function – commonly one previously performed in-house – to an external provider.  The reasons one may look to outsource certain aspects of their business to another provider are numerous and include such issues as: cost savings, access [...]

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Remote Pharmacist services

Call it what you will- on call pharmacist, remote pharmacist, virtual pharmacist, e-pharmacist, off site pharmacist… the premise is the same.  You are seeking pharmacist services and do not require the traditional employer / employee relationship requiring an on-site pharmacist. Perhaps you are seeking to fill a temporary role- opening a new pharmacy and require [...]

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