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Pharmacist on call services: South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania!

OCPS is accepting new clients in the states of South Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania! If you are a long term care pharmacy looking for relief from your nightly on call duties, OCPS can help.  Turn your phones over to our dedicated pharmacists and rest assured that your clients needs are being met 24/7/365.  Free yourself [...]

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Outsourcing is not a bad word!

Outsource your pharmacy phone calls to our on-call pharmacists!  Wipikedia defines outsourcing as the contracting out of a business function – commonly one previously performed in-house – to an external provider.  The reasons one may look to outsource certain aspects of their business to another provider are numerous and include such issues as: cost savings, access [...]

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What is an On-Call Pharmacist?

The premise of a dedicated  ’on-call pharmacist’ was developed by OCPS over a decade ago, as a solution to a problem pharmacists were facing in the long term care pharmacy community.  As long term care pharmacists, unlike those in retail settings, it seemed that our workdays never really ended.  As a retail pharmacist, you were [...]

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