What is an on-call pharmacist?

The premise of a dedicated ‘pharmacist on-call’ was developed years ago, as a solution to a problem pharmacists were facing in the long term care pharmacy community.  As long term care pharmacists, unlike those in retail settings, it seemed that our workdays never really ended.  As a retail pharmacist, you were very aware of what time your day ended.  Sure, you may have had a few loose ends to tie up at the end of your shift, but your shift did eventually end, at which time you were free to enjoy your family, your friends, and your free time!

The long term care pharmacist, on the other hand, did not enjoy such freedom!  At the end of the day the LTC pharmacist was blessed with ‘the pager!’ This weary pharmacist, tired from working all day, would find himself being paged multiple times on his way home from work for ‘emergencies’.  The pharmacist would have to immediately return to the pharmacy. If lucky, the pharmacist would receive a few more calls before he left, which would perhaps buy him enough time to quickly make it home for a hot meal before being paged again.  No uninterrupted free time, no bowling night, no movie with the family for this pharmacist. This pharmacist was ‘on call!’ This pharmacist did not sleep through the night, in fact most nights this pharmacist had to make several trips to the pharmacy to dispense urgent first doses to the nursing home residents. This pharmacist was expected to answer nursing questions and field doctors calls throughout the night. This pharmacist was expected to remain professional, polite and eager to help no matter what the hour. This pharmacist was also expected to return to work the next morning, be productive, alert and never, ever make an error. This pharmacist was also expected to take the pager again that night- it was, after all, his week on-call.

Enter the dedicated on-call pharmacist.  At On Call Pharmacy Solutions we take over your on call duties.  OCPS pharmacists take over your phones as night, answering and responding to all of your emergency calls.  We serve as your personal on-call pharmacist and back up pharmacy provider. We dispense first dose medications, drug information and more. OCPS removes your employees from the viscous cycle of working all day and taking call all night. Our services are innovative, cost effective and proven.

The benefits of a dedicated after hours pharmacist are numerous!  Visit us on the web at www.oncallpharmacysolutions.com or call 1-877-977-4662 for more information

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