Remote Pharmacist services

Call it what you will- on call pharmacist, remote pharmacist, virtual pharmacist, e-pharmacist, off site pharmacist… the premise is the same.  You are seeking pharmacist services and do not require the traditional employer / employee relationship requiring an on-site pharmacist.

Perhaps you are seeking to fill a temporary role- opening a new pharmacy and require drug database review?   Maybe you are a long term care pharmacy interested in off site order entry or verification to enable your staff to attend to other duties such as MTM.  Are you a DME provider, mail order pharmacy or compounding pharmacy seeking a pharmacist to answer your after hours phone?  Are you struggling to provide 24 hour pharmacist availability to your clients?

How can you apply an off-site pharmacist to your business?  Let me count the ways!

24 hour customer service, medication identification, prescription reordering service, pharmacist answering service, order entry and verification, literature review, arranging prescription delivery and order tracking, medication label review, urgent first dose dispensing, on-call pharmacist, proofreader, chart review, ask a pharmacist program, claims adjustment, med reconciliation, physician calls, nursing questions, reminder calls and more.

On Call Pharmacy Solutions- we’re here to help 24/7/365.  Call today to discuss how our unique program can support your growing business.  Visit us on the web at

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