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email: rph@o-cps.com
"Using On-Call Pharmacy Solutions has been a win-win situation for my long term care pharmacy! Our clients demand access to a pharmacist 24 hours a day. For years we have used our staff pharmacists to fill this role, but no one wanted to take the pager after working all day. Since using OCPS, our pharmacists report to work refreshed and our clients are never without access to a pharmacist or medications."

- Bob Traffis, PMG North

"I appreciate the daily communication between On-Call Pharmacy Solutions and my facility! OCPS enables me to provide the continuity of care I've dreamed of! By using OCPS for my nightly call duties, I have reduced my payroll costs tremendously and am able to remain competitive in the marketplace!"

- Jessica Johnson, PMG South

"Your level of service has been remarkable. Your pharmacists go above and beyond the call of duty time and time again, alerting me to issues (in my pharmacy) that my own staff ignores. OCPS is like having a pharmacist and a customer service representative all in one. You continue to exceed my expectations!" "

- Donna G. Texas

"It is so nice for our pharmacists to have someone else handling our calls at night. Since using your service, we have been able to expand our pharmacists clinical roles and take on additional clients. I no longer feel like we are 'spinning our wheels' just trying to manage our nightly calls and back up pharmacy services. My facilities have commented on how much they appreciate working with the on-call pharmacist."

- Troy R. Florida

"As a small independent pharmacy owner, I knew that I wanted to break into the long-term care market. With only 2 full time pharmacists, providing nightly on-call coverage and back up services was going to be a huge problem for me. OCPS has made it possible for my pharmacy to seamlessly provide the coverage I needed- they are indispensable!"

- Marcus S. Vermont

Know More
Our proven pharmacist on call service fits seamlessly within any current pharmacy operations and is tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether you are looking to alleviate your staff from nightly pharmacist on call coverage or are seeking a remote pharmacist to support your daytime staffing needs, On-Call Pharmacy Solutions can help! We are not a call center or a staffing agency, we are experienced registered pharmacists partnering with you to advance your pharmacy operations and alleviate you from your after hours duties.

Our service includes:
  • Professional answering and triaging of your pharmacy's after-hours telephone
  • Emergency dispensing and delivery of medications
  • Clinical drug information
  • Continuity of care
  • Daytime remote pharmacist support
  • Off-site order entry and verification
  • Daily notification of after-hours calls/activities
  • Quick startups / Flat fee structure
  • Flexible programs to meet individual needs
  • An alternative to answering services, pagers and multiple cell phones
  • No long-term contracts
  • On Call Pharmacist coverage 24/7
  • Remote pharmacist services to support your daytime operations!
  • Imagine no more short staffing issues